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Elevate Your Digital Strategy with the New PR
Download "A Guide to Modern PR"


Elevate Your Digital Strategy with the New PR Using this step-by-step guide and free templates

Digital content has changed everything, including (and especially) how brands reach and communicate with their audiences. As audience demands for authenticity and value in content have risen, public relations practices have evolved to meet them.

This evolution has resulted in a new kind of PR — one thats laser-focused on delivering true value to audiences and building mutually beneficial relationships with the online contributors, influencers, and thought leaders who can reach them.

This comprehensive guide will help you modernize your PR strategy, earn press the right way, and drive meaningful results by covering:

  • The trends that have shaped PR into what it is today.
  • What online contributors and industry influencers look for in the pitches they accept.
  • How to develop content that delivers true value to online contributors, your company (or your clients), and the audiences you share.
  • How to craft a compelling email pitch (plus a free template).
  • How to manage relationships with multiple contributors, editors, and journalists (plus a free spreadsheet).

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