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The State of Digital Media: 

Fuel Your Digital Marketing With Data-Driven Industry Insights

Successful digital marketing — the kind that engages your audience, boosts your brand’s authority, and generates real returns for your business — doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It demands data and high-quality insights to guide it.

Influence & Co.s latest research presents the state of digital media today to equip brands, content creators, marketers, and publishers with the data-driven insights they need to make better decisions about content and drive real results for their businesses.

This comprehensive report will provide the fuel needed for data-driven decision-making by covering:

  • What publication editors are looking for in the guest posts they accept.
  • When audiences are most likely to engage with your content.
  • Which qualities the best headlines share.
  • How word count affects content performance.
  • Which social media platforms are the most popular for content distribution.

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