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153 Editors Have Spoken: Publishing Insights You Need to Know

The online publishing world is expanding — and for obvious reasons. Individuals and brands want new verticals for engaging with their audiences (while getting an algorithm boost along the way), and editors constantly need compelling content to fill the 24-hour news cycle. 

Although editors are publishing more content from average Joes, that doesn’t mean your article will be instantly accepted. As more potential contributors vie for face time in publications, editors have the luxury of being more selective with submissions. 

At Influence & Co., we believe everyone has something to say, and we intend to bridge the gap between your insights and the distant online publishing world. To better understand exactly what editors look for in contributed content, we surveyed 153 editors in our network. While some of the findings validated our predictions, others were quite surprising. 

Industry experts can rejoice because 86 percent of the editors we surveyed said they’re planning to increase the number of guest contributors in the future. Interestingly, 53 percent also said they’re on the hunt for one-off authors, while only 35 percent are seeking regular contributors. This is great news for leaders who can’t commit the time to a weekly column. 

Despite your industry, publications value your expertise. One editor stated, “It’s imperative to get direct content and insights from key players in the industry, whether they are peers of our readers or general colleagues.” 

So why is this important to you? Because as a leader striving to make an impact, nailing down these editors’ preferences will help you share your message with a relevant audience. Contributing content to publications that reach your audience pushes your name and wise words in front of new eyes that are willing and interested in reading what you have to say. 

We also dug a little deeper to uncover the nitty-gritty details editors look for in submissions and the faux pas that will undoubtedly get your pitch denied.

To discover more insights from Influence & Co.’s Editor Survey, download your free copy of “The State of Contributed Content” below.

Posted On December 4, 2014

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